Tech Prep Summit by Facebook

Join CoderDojoDurham at Facebook’s Tech Prep Summit.  We’d love to see you there.

Tech Prep Image

NOTE:  All of the information BELOW is copied/pasted from  You register using the same link.

The Event

Join us for a fun and informative presentation on how to get involved with computer programming. Enjoy dinner, presentations from Facebook staff, and learn where to find tools to get started with computer programming!

During the TechPrep workshop, Facebook employees will talk with parents, guardians and students of all ages about how they started studying computer science and the resources available to help them or their children begin studying it as well.

About TechPrep

TechPrep is a free online resource hub in both English and Spanish that Facebook recently launched to help parents, guardians and students from underrepresented communities explore programming, the jobs available to programmers and the skills required to become one. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between potential interest and opportunity by joining together hundreds of resources to develop coding skills, curated based on who you are and what you need.

Computers are everywhere around us: in our cars, cell phones and televisions. But here’s a secret: they need a program to tell them what to do. “Programmers” write the the code that bring their ideas to life. We want to help people understand what programming is, all the jobs programmers can have, and how to gain the skills they need to become one someday.

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